Opening of the SHOBOSHOBO SHOB ! Online shobo shop ! January 2013

Leporello hetching book edited by Franciscopolis edition / Le Havre / Pictures here

Graphic / architectural installation for White Noise exhibition in Chaumont graphic design Festival / June 2012 Video here
Synth for Levis/DFA/Edbanger with Vincent Tordjman & Freeka Tet / pictures here
Miror-Miror media / graphic installation for W hotel Paris opening / March 2012 // pictures here
Styling for W hotel Paris / March 2012 // pictures are here
Shboboshobo exhibition at La Gaité Lyrique for Pictoplasma + Exhibition at Jean-Marc Thevenet gallery / December 2011 // see pictures here
Shoboshobo drawing workshop in Geneve HEAD school of art and design / Swiss / November 2011 / see pictures here
Shobo giants displayed in Chios island at Citrus orchard / Greece / July 2011 / see pictures here
Michelles Fusain concert at Fatcat records festival in Hasselt, Belgium / December 2010 // Pictures + details here
Shoboshobo printed works / Decapitron serie exhibition in Rouen fine art school / France / December 2010 // Pictures + details here
Shoboshobo exhibition in Atopos, Athens, Grece / November to december 2010 / Pictures here !
Michelles Fusain at Fondation Cartier November 4th 2010 / Pictures + video here !
Colonie de dessin in Colomiers for "Printemps de Septembre" art fest. September 2010 / Pictures + details here
Cardboard wallet for "Carton" japanese design company // August 2010 // collection here
NEW zine collab with Tetsunori Tawaraya // look here ! ! !
Drawing Performance at Fondation Cartier, Paris, May 31st 2010 /// Pictures here !!! // video here !!!
MASK WORKSHOP for kids at Nuits Sonores fest in Lyon May 14th 2010 //// Full picture report here ! ! ! !
Moishe Moishe Moishele concert in Rotterdam at worm //// pictres here !
Pictoplasma Pen to Paper book opening i London, drawing exhibition + wall drawing / March 26th pics here
Live drawing in Romania for shortsup fest February 27th 2010 here !!!
Print edited by Landfill , 100 copies / December 2009
KIDSPATCH october 10 / 11 workshop with kids pictures here ! ! !
Kumi Solo album cover design + music video, November 2009 page here !
Grand Dessin at Fondation Cartier 23 / 10 / 09 with Dennis Typhus, Stephane Prigent, Yu Matsuoka, Hendrik Hegray and Jonas Delaborde pictures
Walldrawing for Buzzman advertising agency : june 2009 > see here !
Shoboshobo illustration for newspaper New York Times : may 2009
Shoboshobo drawings featuring Peeping Tom magazine #1 see here. june 2009
SHOBO DJ for Venizia bienale opening, Mousse magazine party (june 2009) ! pictures here <
PICTOPIA exhibition and conference featuring Shoboshobo installation and lecture 21st march 2009 here !
+ Pictopia book pictures here !
Shoboshobo Exhibition in Copenhagen , Danemark from 23/02/09 pics here !
Shoboshobo Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden from 24/02/09 pics here !
Shoboshobo Exhibition in Bordeaux, France from 27/02/09 pics here !
Shobo feature in KRAMERS ERGOT 7 / January 2009 -- pics here
Shoboshobo in Argentina invited by Pictoplasma / Trimarchi 02 / 10 / 08 Pictures are here
SHOBOSHOBO solo exibition in Copenhagen (Dan) @ Weloveasbaek / Rojo galery from friday june 6th
Pictures are here.
SHOBO WALL DRAWING for the new Yannig Samot Restaurant "Le Cul De Poule" 53, rue des Martyrs
Pictures here
MOTOR KARAOKE installation presented in Cincinnati (USA) for American Idyll exibition
pictures are here
SHOBOSHOBO BUSTOUR 2008 w/ Lucky Dragons, Vastieu Ramen & Lozi - April 17th ~ May 4th
pictures here here
SHOBOSHOBO exibition + Active suspension concerts in Nancy / 08 - 02 - 08
pictures and details here
SHOBOSHOBO + MEC in Berlin for Clubtransmediale / 03 - 02 - 08
pictures and details here
SHOBOSHOBO WALL DRAWING in Glasgow / December 8th 2007
pictures and details here
SHOBOSHOBO EXIBITION + WALL DRAWING in Malmö (Sweden) / October 2007
pictures and details here
SHOBOSHOBO 12 in Sevres
July 2nd / at La Generale en Manufacture
with :
-Extreme Animals (us)
-Viki (us)
-Kania Tieffer (bel)
-Super Mort (prt)
-Dj Cartilage (fr)
pictures here
SHOBOSHOBO in Montreal / Canada invited by Mutek festival / May 2007
pictures here
SHOBOSHOBO & HENDRIK HEGRAY exibition in Venice. April 19th to May 21st 2007.
pictures and few words to be checked here.

SHOBOSHOBO 11 pics here! January 6th 2007 - at "La Générale" Paris / France
with :
-EATS TAPES (San Francisco) / Disco Blip
Tigerbeat 6 - http://www.eatstapes.com

-HARDLINE ELEPHANTS (Anvers) / Disco Noise
Ultra Eczema - http://www.ultraeczema.com

-MEC (Paris) / Disco Hurle
Angry Bikers Records - http://www.myspace.com/mecmecmec

-DRK (Paris) / Disco Kasher
Ogurek - Telerama - Krowki - Zombie

-NATE BOYCE (San Francisco) / Disco Videos
Projection de vidéos

-DJette KUMI SOLO (Paris / Tokyo) / Disco Popop

SHOBOSHOBO WALL DRAWING for Young & Rubicam 's french HQ curated by Lust Project
Pics here
One week in Berlin invited by Pictoplasma
for the Pictoplasma Character conference
Pics here

JUKEBOX + HUMAIN in Boulogne (France) for BBmix fest
pics here

MEC live and MOTOR KARAOKE in Paris for Emergences fest
pics and video here
MEC live and MOTOR KARAOKE in Malmö (Sweden) for Fullpull fest
picturers are here!
SHOBOSHOBO 10 bis pictures are right here! August 29th 2006 - at "La Générale" Paris / France
with :
May 3rd-7th 2006---> SHOBOSHOBO in Halle / Germany @ Thalia Kunstzentrum Theatre pictures are here!!!
Walldrawing curated by Pictoplasma for a "COLOUR ME ROOM" during the "Theatre meets Comic" festival. Also guested Boris Hoppek and Neasden Control Centre. fdfds

APRIL 22nd / MEC live and MOTOR KARAOKE in Confluences (Paris) for Pixel Ache fest
picturers are here!

April1st 2006----> JUKE BOX + HUMAIN 001 @ La Generale / Paris --- pics and comment here
Sound Installation / Performance presented for the exibition :
"FORMALACON" curated by Juliette Bineau in La Générale on April 1st 2006
February 12th 2006----> SHOBOmini 01 @ La Generale / Paris ____pictures here
First afternoon shoboshobo event ever with Kumi Solo and Daisuke Ishida
February the 11th 2006, opening party of the Active Suspension wallpainting by shoboshobo and Motor Karaoke.

January 28th 2006---> SHOBOSHOBOl 10 @ La Générale / Paris ____CHECK HERE FOR PICTURES AND COMMENTS______
Crazy gig with Norman Bambi (FR), Lucky Dragons (US), O.Lamm (FR), Eats Tapes (US) .
Pictures are here.
November 10th 2005 ---> shobotutorial 04 @ ecole estienne/ paris ___________-----------picts + c--------/////////omments
The australian composers / performers Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox came to the school and gave a lecture and a small concert.
Pictures are here.

SHOBOSHOBO 5/6 at La Générale / Paris ____FOR PICTURES CHECK HERE .
event featuring :



October 15th----> Random Cover Orchestra @ Point Ephemere / Paris ____
For the forst time, a concert of the RCO, with Jason Baker,
Cindy Lee, Khanh-linh La, Erich Zahn and Minifer, hear the recording and get some info here.
FROM August 1st to August 30th----> SHOBOSHOBOBUSTOUR all over japan ____
For 1 whole month we've been with LOZI, DOMOTIC,DAVIDE BALULA? O.LAMM an me (MINIFER) all over Japan paying in the streets in the bus .... See the blog here.
07/09/03----> MICROSHOBOSHOBO_04 @ Parc de Lavillette / paris ___________-----------picts + programmation
On July 9th, Shoboshobo was invited to join the festival "Feedback" in Lavillette, Paris.Then a Microshoboshobo 2 was seted up with 6 small concerts and 1 DJ set for 1 headphone.
SHOBOSHOBO 09 at gallery GLASSBOX / PARIS___03/03/05 ________-----------picts + comments
With :
MOTOR KARAOKE installation by MEC in Glassbox Galerie / PARIS___04/29/05 ________-----------picts + comments
Installation by "MEC" , this interative installation allows you to make moto race by screeming, the louder, the faster. Concept by MEC, jitter development by Ezdac.
SHOBOSHOBO 08 at Studio 14 Paradis / PARIS___10/30/04 ________-----------picts + comments
First shoboshobo organised without japanese performers, this edition was dedicated to improvised music and also payed a tribute to the great new australian school of improviser.
09/10/04---> shobotutorial 03 @ ecole estienne/ paris ___________-----------picts + comments
The school of graphic art & printing welcomed LOZI (from Nagoya), ANAGMA (from Tokyo) & KLOMA (from Tokyo) .
They came to give a lecture and Kumi-chan (from konki duet) gentely translate theire words. They talked about theire work and gave a live performance.

SHOBOSHOBO 07 at Studio 14 Paradis / PARIS___06/24/04 ___
the gig was setup in a new and special place. usually dedicated to amateur theater plays, this space accepted to welcome the seventh edition of shoboshobo. that time, programation was quite heavy :

-Yoshio Machida
plays steal pan connected to his computer (max/msp).

japanese laptop/keyboard artist plays sounds that builds an univers that takemura would surely like alot.

-My Jazzy Child
french musician, he chose to have a minimal setup for his shoboshobo session, bass+guitar. tom bass+voices. he gave us a rock version of some of his latest works (usually a very sensitive combination betwin small electronics, instruments and singing) finishing by a very powerfull piece that every body seams to enjoyed ...

-ammakasie noka
toy music, she gave a live performance that was actually a karaoke session.

she made a live performance with laptop audio stream and sometimes sang in a mic.

she made a karaoke with strange dance.



shoboshoboradio @ radio libertaire/ PARIS ___06/20/04----
first radioshoboshobo ever. during 2 hours we broadcasted japanese music we love and gave 3 live sessions. the first live session was given by THE KONKI DUET, then MIROQUE played and finally we played all togeather for an "ensemble inter shoboshobo de radio libertaire" jam session. here are the people that joined to that radio session :
-the konki duet (tamara, kumi, zoe)
thank you so mutch walter for letting us doing this program!
thank you to raphael for assuming the technical part!
____++==++=========-------------=----------- pics+pics!


BLACKnMATE was invited by the french radio france culture to give a live session for the program called "le chantier". first of all, they gave an interview, then they played a very harch and noisy set that looks alike the very first live set they've done in console. maby we can see here the rebirth of BLACKnMATE as the unique and most important SKATANIST band ever.
____++==++=========-------------=----------- pics+pics!

shoboshobo 06 @ CONFLUENCES/ PARIS ___03/28/04----
6th event as shoboshobo, this time shoboshobo was invited by ELECTROPHONIC, an event organized by dominique blais in the place called CONFLUENCESS. the event was co-organized by emmanuel allard and mehdi hercberg.
live performers and video artist was :
____++==++=========-------------=----------- pics+pics!
02/07/04, BLACKSKATNMATE @ console (for agGlo), paris ----------------___-_-____-____++==++==========----------- pics+pics!
7 live performances was shown that night. there was a remarcable set by eric minkinen "orchestre plein", a karaoke-kruither psychotic max patch combined with a very drunk singing erik ...
and then, right after that came the last live of that night, the BLACKSKATN'MATE... the live bagan quite normally, heavy dark drones and endless desperate shouts, and it goes more and more intense ... more and more harsh ... after 20 minutes, a bunch of very excited people in the audiance begane to slam on the skatn'mate members ...
photos by : khanh-linh la

12/13/03, YMO ESB vs CONCERTMATE in home (active suspension), paris_____------////::picts + comments
during the "inshop" event organised by active suspension, tsunami adiction and clapping music, the YMO ESB meets the concertmate in a desperate battle.


09/12/03---> shobotutorial 02 @ ecole estienne/ paris ___________-----------picts + comments
on september the 12th***, YUKO NEXUS6 came to the school of art "école estienne" to give a lecture of her work.


07/28/03---> YMOEVILSCATBROTHERS @ gaite lyrique / paris_______::::::://////pics + comments
one hour scat performance.

07/27/03---> WOLFENSHMOOG NO MOOG @ gaite lyrique / paris_______::::::://////pics + comments
videoshootinggame RTC wolfenstein real time processed, 7 players

06/25/03----> PICNIC ELECTRONIQUE@ école estienne/ paris _______-----------picts + programmation
lazy and very sunny afternoon on the lawn of the school estienne. students of the school played and invited musicians.

06/24/03----> WOLFENSHMOOG_01 @ école estienne/ paris ___________-----------picts + programmation
the birth of a new installation concept puting togeather videogame and real time sound processing. this event was apart of the "placard 95 jours" programation organized by büro.

06/21/03----> SHOBOSHOBO_05.2 @ eric&caro'sfarm/ montreuil _______-----------picts + programmation
this time it was a very intimate shoboshobo with ARch (musicians & performers from nagoya) as guests.
it was an outdoor shoboshobo and a lazy afternoon.


06/06/03----> SHOBOSHOBO_05 @ profitreff / zurich (ch) _______-----------picts + programmation
this time, shoboshobo came to switzerland thanx to the help of anita scheuber a swiss girl taht initiate the swiss project.
the programation was made of swiss, japanese and swiss artists. it was a mixed programation, composed by anita and shoboshobo cometee :::::

05/27/03----> SHOBOSHOBO_05.1 @ console/ paris ___________-----------picts + programmation
shoboshobo05.1 once again in console, it's a very nice place, actually it's a private place and the event was very nice, this time, there were again takamasa, hanno, kawamura and kawamura, the very nice canadian musician mitchell akiyama joined the gig and gave a beutifull live using a guitar and a computer. another new commer in shoboshobo was the random venezziano, a collectiv band composed this time with : okamoto kumi, zoe, davide balula, shinsei, olamm and minifer.

10/27/03----> MICROSHOBOSHOBO_04 @ console/ paris ___________-----------picts + programmation
fifth event as shoboshobo, this shoboshobo was taking place in console, paris. the idea was to setup a light electronic-live display, for 3 musicians with one headphone output for the audience.
microshobo was taking place during another event, "agglo", a one-day-music-shop organized by console's people.

09/24/02----> shobotutorial 01 @ ecole estienne/ paris ___________-----------picts + comments
on september the 24th***, aoki takamasa came to the school of art "école estienne" to give a lecture of his work.



12/27/02----> shoboshobo 03 @ IDEE station service/ tokyo ___________-----------picts + programmation
fourth event as shoboshobo, and for the first time in japan. this shoboshobo was organized 80%thanx to yoyo and 20% by mehdi. this time it was hard to find the place to set it up, so we didn't had so mutch time to promote the event... at the end, not so mutch people came to see it, there were something like 50 people. the place was not so big but i feal sorry for the performers... anyway, the lives was nice and it was a good party.
live performers and video artist was :

aoki takamasa (laptop live)

gutevolk (aka hirono nishiyama) (sound-video projection)

kurokawa ryoichi (projection of 2 videoworkd / audio + image)

tog (laptop live)

vital (laptop + turntable live)

AUA (punk karaoke live)

lozi (laptop live)

tsubota (guitar live)

hidenobu ito (gameboy's nanoloop live)

koura (tascam+laptop live)

kawamura yuki + hanno yoshihiro (projection of 3 videoworkd / audio + image)

anaguma (vj)

kawamura yuki + hanno yoshihiro (projection of 3 videoworkd / audio + image)

pillow (vj)

rodrigo stuart (video projection)

tendon hardboiled (video projection)

10/09/02----> shoboshobo 02 @ console / paris _________________________________-----------picts + programmation
third event as shoboshobo, the place was supposed to contain no more than 150 people, more than 200 came, we feel sorry
for all these who couldn't came in.
all the people were nice and the performances was really good ::: this time, we tryed to initiate cross-performances, duet and
collectiv works. we hope this process to go further in the next editions of shoboshobo :).
live performers and video artist was :

shogi grand ensemble (collective composition & live)---------------____--=======

aoki takamasa (aka silicom) (laptop live)------------------_______

kurokawa ryoichi (projection of 2 videoworkd / audio + image)--------------___ ----========

miniflamm (olivier lamm + minifer) (laptop live)_______________=====++++++++____----:::::::::

hanno yoshihiro (laptop live)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++:::::::://

sogar (laptop live) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::://////::::::=============::

fabriquedecouleur (laptop live)=========================================::::=:--:-:-

eric maillet (video d'ameublement):=:=:=:=:=:===-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-==--==--;-;-;-;

the konki duet (acoustic / electronic live)/.//././/.//.//._/__/_/_/_///_/:;==

tomKz + ogurek (laptop live) ______________________+=:=::--:-:-=:=:=:=--:


11/06/02--->shoboshobo festival @ batofar / paris_________________-------------------------------------picts + coments
second event as shoboshobo, this was a success, many people came and the performances was really good!!! ureshiii!!!
live performance, video and dj was :

-Eric Maillet (20mn vidoe projection)----


-Shinsei+Okamoto Kumi-------------------

-Takamasa Aoki--------------------------

-Hanno Yoshihiro---------------------------------------------________________==========----------------

-Kawamura Yuki------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Olivier Lamm----------------------------__________-_-_-_--___-----__-_-___-_---=====

-Battery Operated------------------------------------------------------_______________

-dj Mani Nanni_________________________________________________---______


17/12/01--->Shobo_shobo : applied arts school Duperré, 11, rue Dupetit Thouars 75003 Paris__----_picts+coments
first event as shobo_shobo, the concert took place in the restaurent of the shool, the audience was mainly students and
it was very crouded. live performers was :

•Phirip (walabimochi-performance)------------------------------------___---------------------------================----pics+++coments

•Hirono Nishiyama (sequencer+sampler live + videoprojection)__-------------_=======================----pics+++coments

•Takagi Masakatsu (laptop live + videoprojection)---------------___--------------------------------=========----pics+++coments

•Aoki Takamasa aka Silicom (laptop max_msp live + live videoprojection of his desktop)-----_---_=====----pics+++coments

•Lozi (laptop max_msp conected to a sawing machine live + live videoprojection mixed by Phirip====----pics+++coments

26/09/01--->Denden-mushi : Nouveau Casino, Paris_________--------------no_picts
denden-mushi was Invited by the bimbo tower to make a live performance. This was a collaborativ work betwin Eric
Maillet (motion visuals) and Mehdi Hercberg (sound). that same night, Yoshihiro Hanno performed his music.

15/05/01--->Telekmuzic/solo live : Bullet's, Tokyo_________-------_______________===----------_picts+coments
Telekmuzic invited mehdi hercberg to perform his music. solo live.

05/03/01--->Telekmuzic/Denden-mushi : Bullet's, Tokyo__________---^^^^^^^^^-------------------_picts+coments
denden-mushi was InvitedTelekmuzic to make a live performance. This was a collaborativ work betwin Virginie Lavey
(motion visuals), Philippe Chatelain (sound, laptop), Nakayama Hiroyuki (sound, drum), Mehdi Hercberg
(sound, laptop+electronics).

23/01/01--->Ghost listen : multimedia & artr school IAMAS, Ogaki (Kansai, Japan)_------_picts+coments
Virginie Lavey & Philippe Chatelain, 2 french media aretist staying in IAMAS art school in Japan invited me. During
my staying in the school, we organized a mini-live. collaborativ work betwin Virginie Lavey (motion visuals) & Mehdi
Hercberg (sound, laptop+electronics).


10/10/00--->Denden-mushi : Theatre de l'echangeur, Paris________=======----------_picts+coments
first performance as denden-mushi. bimbo tower organized a music festival "songs of prise" and they invited denden
to give a performance. The festival was mainly fealed by french underground experimetal/electronic/noise music. the
performance was a collaborative work betwin Ryoichi Kurokawa (motion visuals), Pollet Nicolas(sound), Kawamura
Yuki (choregraphy & motion visuals) and Hercberg Mehdi (sound). the performance was based on an installation
that gathered 2 video-projectors, 3 screens, one dancer.