july 28 2003, YMOEVILSCATBOTHERS in gaite lyrique, paris
listen to a 1mn:06sec sample of this unforgetable live here



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this scat-performance was apart from the placard last 72h, büro programmation
info : http://placard95.dokidoki.fr/
website of YMOESB : YMOESB

YMO is this very famous 80's japanese electronic pop band that brings electronic music over japan. YMO ESB is a unit composed with Olivier Lamm and Mehdi Hercberg. Togeather they are scatting over the music of YMO. for further informations, just check out theire website.
the performance they gave in gaite lyrique was unique and outstanding... the audience was shared betwin the prose and the cons and the live generates many extreme reactions like throwing crisps over the performers, screaming and joining them for scatting. geee, what a night!