SHOBOSHOBO #09 in art galery "GLASSBOX" , Paris
May the 3rd 2005

With :
-Lullatone (Japon/USA, Label Childisc / Audiodregs)

-Wisut Ponnimit (Mangaka et animateur Thailandais résidant au Japon / galerie Home-Room, Paris)
Projection de plusieurs films d'animations.

-MEC (Luxembourg, label angrybikers)
motor body-gabber

-DJ QUASAR KEN (aka Shinsei, Paris)

Very special thanx goes to :

Khanh-linh La who helped for the subtitles on the animations and shoot video of the event.

Okamoto Kumi who made the translation for the animations.

Abe Mayumi who took care of the hard stufs

Glassbox crew who allowed us to make this event happen

pictures are here --------------------------------------------------