JANUARY 28th (Saturday) SHOBOSHOBO #10
20H30 at "La Generale", 10, rue du Générale Lasalle

Check here for the PICS!

Many people came that day and the party was really nice with cool people dancing and having fun all togeather. Thank you for all those who came that day! Maby that was partly thanks to the beautiful flyer designed by Hendrik Hegray, the visuals projected during that night was also made of his drawings animated.
Norman Bambi opens the party with a funny cute and sweet electronic bouncy cowboy set half computer half singing in japanese and english and dancing. Then Lucky Dragons came to the audiance and gives people wires connected to his computer and when people touch themselves, sound was comming, amazing and very intense performance. Third performer was O.Lamm who makes people shake theire bootys with his complicated cuted and sophisticated music. Finally Eats Tapes came and the the whole venue was transformed into a huge dance floor everybody got crazy and danced on theire simple and dirty beats, that was for sure the most dancy shoboshobo ever : ) + DJ Quasar Ken helps the party to keep warm thanks to his finest record selection.

Special thanks goes to :
-La Generale

-LUCKY DRAGONS ( US / / / label : states rights, marriage, hawks and sparrows, 555 )
-O.LAMM ( FR / / / label : Active Suspension )
-EATS TAPES ( US / / / label : Tigerbeat6, Library )