----SHOBOSHOBO mini 01---
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Dimanche 12 Fevrier 2006
à "La Générale"
12, rue de Générale Lasalle
Metro Belleville
avec :
-Kumi Solo (jp / http://www.myspace.com/kumisoloproject )
-Daisuke Ishida (jp / http://dsk.swo.jp )

+thé et onigiris

First Shoboshobo mini ever, a shoboshobo concert in the afternoon, we were hosted by "La Generale" in a very nice room full of cool furnitures.
Performers were Kumi solo, she is a member of the band The konki duet ( label active suspension ) and she performed for the 2nd time as kumi solo and Ishida Daisuke, member of the Sinewave Orchestra.

Special and huge thanks goes to :