JUNE 6th
-@profitreff / zurich (ch)

-fabriquedecouleurs (fr) - http://fabriquedecouleurs.dysk.net/
-minifer (fr)
-aoki takamasa (jp) - http://homepage.mac.com/silicom/
-hanno yoshihiro (jp) - http://webs.to/hanno/
-kawamura yuki (visuals, jp)
-kurokawa royichi (visuals, jp) http://homepage.mac.com/etrerk/
-lozi (jp) - http://www.iamas.ac.jp/~loziq00/
-variable.inc (jp) - http://www.arch-project.com/sine/wave/orchestra/index.cgi
-hexdump (ch)
-in-halt (visuals, ch) - http://www.in-halt.ch/
-omega attraktor (ch)
-steinbrüchel (ch) - http://www.synchron.ch

the programation was quite huge for' a quite small place, but it was a nice party and also a nice trip to switzerland with all the japanese friends...

many people took part in that party, as helper or player or organizer.

the place was near the river and the weather was very nice so we could eople swimming and diving from the bridge.

aoki performed his live with kawamura as vj.

fabrique de couleurs gave a harsh live, walls were shaking. it sounded like an earthquake.

hanno played with the collaboration of kawamura for the visuals.


lozi from nagoya ARch.

minifer from france gave a glitchy field recording live.

omega attractor.


variable.inc. from nagoya, made an intense and loud noisy set.