collaboration betwin 4 people :
Kurokawa Ryoichi, japanese media artist, he projected and mixed live with moyion dive motion images made with after effect
Kawamura Yuki, japanese media artist and french cinema shool student, he instigated the project, prepared some motion imaes and made a kind of choregraphy disguised as a rabit.
Nicolas Pollet, french musician and visual artist, he performed live music with sampler, pedal effecters and md.
Mehdi Hercberg, french, he played laptop with severals softwears and also sampler, pedal effects, digital delay, radio and cd player.

this was the very first denden-mushi performance. the research was about creating a imaginary space by the music, the motion images and the body. this was a kind of experiment, but a really important encounter for the future aim of shobo_shobo. for the installation there was 1 stage, a transparent white screen was fixed betwin the stage and the audience. there was 2 videoprojectors, one projecting on the transparent screen, the image was reflected 3 times : 1 on the screen, 2 on the dancer (rabit), 3 on the back wall. the second vp was projecting the images on the floor just in front of the stage. on the floor there was some parts of miror making the image reflecting one more time.