JUNE 21 2003
-@eric&caroline's place / montreuil (fr)
-Arch (from nagoya, japan) concert---------------
----------saturday june 21- 2003---------------------------------
----------start : 20h-----------------------------
-------5 rue alexis lepère, metro mairie de montreuil---------
--------paf : free----------------------------------
-lozi (japon) -->laptop electro fracturée-----------------------
-variable.Inc (japon) -->duo laptop (daisuke ishida & anagma)-------
-AUA (japon) --> duo de filles karaoke punk aquagym------------
-pabarbapapa (France) --> duo laptop midi crash (fabriquedecouleurs+minifer)------------

the place was an old farm, a private place. we setup the PA thanx to olivier, it was a delightfull and sunny eavening.

in that place there were many young children running all over the place while the lives were going on, it was nice and fresh :::
audience were something like 10 people, small number but good audiance quality!

it's a midiglitch unit composed with fabriquedecouleurs and minifer. they gave a performance using both of them the same midi file "barbapapa" theme song glitching it.

this laptop musician / performer from nagoya gave a very great live. his sounds were very sharp and complex and the structure of his live was so intense.

<--- 2MO moov file (aligato eric)
performer / musician from nagoya, she gave a very surprising performance, dancing, singing karaoke playing song on her clie notepad and shouting,the whole very funny and cute.

unit from nagoya they gave a sinewave harch performance very intense.