july 27 2003, WOLFENSHMOOG NO MOOG in gaite lyrique, paris


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this performance was apart from the placard last 72h, büro programmation
the installation was running for1 hours. 4 computers were network conected and the shooting game "return to castle wolfenstein" wasrunning on it. all the sound output of these computers were conected to 3 other computers. on these, 3 musicians were real time processing the sounds generated by the game. main output is conected to a splitter that sent the sound to several headphones.
only one video projector could be displayed, so the audience could follow one player.
info : http://placard95.dokidoki.fr/

credits :

original idea - minifer
players - thomas guillaumot, johann lhuillery, emmanuel allard, françois trezin
musicians - thomas cousinier, olivier lamm, mehdi hercberg
photo - khanh-linh la & yasujiro kondo