02/07/04, BLACKSKATNMATE @ console (for agGlo), paris

7 live performances was shown that night. there was a remarcable set by eric minkinen "orchestre plein", a karaoke-kruither psychotic max patch combined with a very drunk singing eric ...
and then, right after that came the last live of that night, the BLACKSKATN'MATE... the live bagan quite normally, heavy dark drones and endless desperate shouts, and it goes more and more intense ... more and more harsh ... after 20 minutes, a bunch of very excited people in the audiance begane to slam on the skatn'mate members ...

is :

- stephane laporte (domotic)
- karine larivet (noak katoi)
- tamara (konki duet)
- olivier lamm (olamm)
- mehdi hercberg (minifer)
- raphaël (erik zahn)

all pictures shooted by khanh-linh la